On behalf of Mission Australia,
I would like to express my sincere thanks to the Schwartz Foundation for your recent generous donation… Working together we are able to reach out to those most in need on the streets of Sydney.

Sarah Gavel
Mission Australia

Room for Hope

The Room for Hope program was created by Dr Schwartz to involve the 9 hotels and 2500 accommodation rooms that are owned by the Schwartz Family Company. All guests are invited to donate just $1 to their hotel bill, most opt to donate more. 100% of the donations raised are shared by worthy charities and causes each year. This program has been extremely successful thanks to the generosity of our guests and we thank them for their support.

To date we have raised in excess of $30,000 each year and there’s lots more to come!

Previous Recipients

Stewart House
Mission Australia
Victor Chang
Royal Far West

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